Antivirus protection for your business

There is constant press coverage relating to cyber crime. With this rise, businesses can no longer neglect the growing need to have up to date and future proof protection.

At IT-Logik we can provide and give advice about how your business can protect themselves from malicious attacks. Remember, any attack on your organisation can mean a loss in revenue and potential data loss.

F-Secure AntiVirus

  • Protect against many types of viruses
  • Business class protection to ensure you stay safe & secure
  • Minimal resources required on your device, and does not have a massive impact on other programs
  • Compatible with Windows & Mac based devices
  • Can be used on our virtual private servers
  • Based on a subscription model where you pay monthly per license (per device)

Prices per device operating system

These prices are an example of company with 3 staff and their desktops, laptops, mobile devices, as well as any networking devices, routers & switches and a basic File Server.

Windows Desktop

minimum order of 3 licenses (device) per month, and can be a mixture of MAC or Server licenses
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Mac Devices

minimum order of 3 licenses (device) per month, and can be a mixture of Windows Desktop or Server licenses
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Windows Server

minimum order of 3 licenses (device) per month, and can be a mixture of Windows Desktop or MAC licenses
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Protection against email threats

More can be done to stay protected, and although antivirus software may protect your local device, you may also want to think about other solutions that may extend protection before it even reaches your device.

For example Email is probably one of the most common ways of receiving common threats, like Ransomware, Viruses, Phishing, and it is important to stop these threats before it reaches the end user.

Hosted Emails Security is a service where all emails are scanned before they reach the end users inbox. These systems are specifically designed to scan each email and scan attachments, and check the body of the email for any potential threat. It can also be very effective against SPAM emails, reducing the number of unwanted emails reaching your inbox.

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