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Essential backup & security services to protect your business

We have partnered up with F-Secure by delivering one of the leading companies in AV software to our clients

SpamTitan Email Security is available to any client whether running your own email server or hosted via a 3rd party like Office 365.

Most important aspect for any business IT is ensuring you have the best backup system in place in case of a disaster.

How can we help secure and protect your business?

There has been a surge in cyber related crime in the recent years. Due to this, your business IT needs to be prepared not only for current threats, but also have IT contingency plans for future threats. Both large and small business’s should take some form of IT security.

With industry leading and custom in house penetration testing tools, we extensively search for ways to harden computer systems and resolve open security issues to ensure businesses can stay protected from ever-growing cyber threats.

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Common Questions

Backups must be the highest of priority, only because no one can guarantee 100% security to any business and you must be able to recover from a disaster.

No one can honesty claim this fact as true, but it is important to constantly review your business systems and practises to ensure you are protected as best as possible.

Antivirus, email security, firewalls, backups are a good starting point for any business.

There are loads of options available, but sometimes it may not be just the IT that requires a review but also following best practises, for example how to handle staff & system passwords.

Why not search for the answer?

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Some other areas we may be able to help you with your business

  • Server Security – GPO / User lockdowns
  • Advise and supply Antivirus protection
  • Provide the best email security
  • Web Filtering – Hardware and Software web filtering can be considered like WatchGaurd, Barracuda
  • Firewall and Perimeter Security – Provide a business level networking system to protect your business
  • Device Encryption – Data protection as far as storage encryption – both hardware or software, or device encryption options
  • Mobile Data Management – Have more control over you mobile devices with MDM
  • Penetration Testing – Provide consultancy services using various tools to test your business security
  • CCTV – 24/7 monitoring services for your business
  • Advice on contemporary threats such as crypto virus’s

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