Cyber Essentials

Protect and strengthen your organisation against cyber attacks

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme aimed at UK organisations to help you protect yourself against the most common online cyber threats.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is the UK’s national cyber security programme. The Cyber Essentials scheme is aimed at UK businesses to take steps towards reviewing and working towards a baseline of cyber security.

With increased threats from the internet and malware, it has been reported that up to 80% of UK businesses are vulnerable or at some form of risk. Cyber Essentials offers a set of controls for best practise. Using this foundation, the level of risk will be reduced to an acceptable level for most UK businesses following the Cyber Security Programme.

Secure more business with Cyber Essentials! Achieving the certification is becoming a major advantage to winning more business. It brings you in line with GDPR, as well as being compliant for government department contracts. You now have more flexibility to deal business! It is now mandatory for suppliers bidding for information-handling contracts with the UK government to be Cyber Essentials certified.

Why do you need Cyber Essentials?

With Cyber Essentials, you can focus on your business objectives, knowing that you are now protected from the majority of common cyber-attacks. You will also be able to increase IT efficiency, save money and improve productivity by streamlining processes, as well as keeping up to date against threats.

In addition, with security tightening up and more standards being put into place, achieving the Cyber Essentials certification will also help you to address other compliance requirements, such as the EU GDPR, Payment Card Industries Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), National Health Services Information Governance Program and other UK government departments.

What are the five key security controls?

The Cyber Essentials scheme addresses the most common internet-based attacks that use widely available tools and need very little skill for the attacker to use.

The scheme helps organisations to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data stored on devices which connect to the internet and helps you to protect against the most common online cyber threats.

1. Secure your Internet connection

It is a requirement for the Cyber Essentials Scheme that all devices connected to the internet are to be protected with a firewall. This effectively creates safe zone between your IT network and other external networks. This stops other external networks being able to access your own internal network.

2. Secure settings for devices & software

Most likely your hardware and software have been setup and supplied using a default configuration that makes it quick and easy to start using the product. Leaving the default settings makes it easier for cyber attackers to gain access to your data, especially when there are further security features available.

3. Control access to data & services

To reduce the possibility of an attacker infecting your systems, user account control should be enforced. Users should only have access to software, settings and file access to perform the role intended. Admin permissions should be locked down and only be given to those who need them.

4. Malware & Virus protection

All devices including laptops, PCs, phones and tablets, unless protected, are open to attacks using malware. Malware, like viruses, are becoming more advanced and can infect other devices and software that they are connected to, increasing the chances for mass infection and attacks like ransomware.

5. Device patches & updates

It is important that all phones, tablets, laptops and computers are kept up-to-date at all times. This is important for both operating systems and installed apps and software on any device. The software / hardware suppliers often release regular updates that fix any security vulnerabilities that have been discovered to help protect your data.

What’s the process for getting Cyber Essentials certified?

1. If you need any assistance or have any questions about Cyber Essentials, please contact us for a no-commitment chat.

2. Once we have your details, we will arrange a phone call to run through some questions and book in a risk assessment.

3. We check over our risk assessment to make sure you will meet the criteria for passing Cyber Essentials.

4. We’ll arrange a simple vulnerability scan of your public-facing networks (including any servers, systems or applications). You are able to choose the day and time.

5. Once your results have been verified, your certification and badge will be issued.

Get Cyber Essentials certified

With our intial risk assessment and team of consultants, we guarantee getting you certified in no time. The certification process is simple and no hassle to you! Once you’ve passed, you will be awarded your Cyber Essentials certificate.

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