On the 29th November 2016, our Marketing Manager, Richard Barnes, met with Phillipp from Eurban to discuss the importance of their business IT systems, and collect details on how IT-Logik have helped Eurban directly. Eurban are a unique company in the building industry, with nearly 14 years working with solid timber.

“Our Industry is becoming more IT driven

For many businesses IT infrastructure is a crucial element for Eurban. “We do everything on computers, we use CAD programmes, software for calculations, and other software for the office including admin and even accounting. Furthermore, we rely on access 24/7, because our site team are traveling all over the country, and myself I travel out the country quite often, so for us it is important that we get access to our data whenever we need it”

For us it has to be vDeskOnline. It has changed the way we work

Richard asked Phillip what his favourite product was from IT-logik, and Phillip told him it was vDeskOnline and he explained how it has helped change the way he and the rest of Eurban work. Phillip mentions he can use it on his Mac, Ipad, or pretty much whatever device he wants, whenever he wants “for me it is the freedom, also because we have vDeskOnline we have reduced our hardware costs as well

The transition from a normal to server to vDesk was seemliness

Phillip explained a particular case where IT-Logik has helped Eurban.

“We was in the process of moving to our current office 3 years ago, and it was very important to us that when we disconnected from our old office on the Friday, that everything would be up and running by Monday morning. IT-Logik was managing this transition. We got disconnected on Friday, and when we came to our office on Monday, it was almost like nothing had happened, everything was running the way we wanted.”

 “It’s great because now we don’t need to have a huge server room, air conditioning, and all the other disadvantages that come with it”

I want for honesty and reliability when it comes to our IT, and IT-Logik help solve that problem

When asked for general feedback relating into the relationship between IT-Logik & Eurban, Phillip responded by saying. “What we really like is the personal relationship, we also need trust, because we rely heavily on having access to our data. Overall, I want for honesty and reliability when it comes to our IT, and IT-Logik help solve that problem”

Would you recommend IT-Logik?

When Richard asked this question, Phillip responded “Absolutely, I would always recommend them.”

IT-Logik wishes to extend its thanks to the Phillip and the rest of the team at Eurban for their case study.