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Need to access your Windows desktop, familiar apps and files on the train, at home or while travelling? Or wish your staff were able to work anywhere, seamlessly using your office programs and file shares?

We’ve got the solution: a hosted desktop looks and operates exactly like your work desktop, but it’s in the cloud so you can access it on pretty much any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world.

IT-Logik’s vDeskOnline platform

We’ve created our own hosted desktop solution, vDeskOnline, which is built on the proven and robust Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XanApp platforms. We’ve tailored it, though, to dovetail seamlessly with our other services, and we further customise each implementation to specifically fit our clients’ business needs.

Rapid, robust & reliable

We can get you up and running in ten minutes, and our solution is scalable from three users to as many as you need, with guaranteed uninterrupted services and consistent speeds (as long as you have a robust internet connection).

Our hosted desktops are super-fast and secure; we use the latest server technologies, so even on an average wifi connection you’ll feel as if you’re working on a powerful computer. And your data is encrypted end-to-end, so no-one can intercept it or access it on our servers.

Uptime is nearly 100%, and because your data is dynamically backed up, you can rest assured that your vital information is safe and secure, and available to you 24 hours a day, anywhere.

Device compatibility

Our solution works with most devices, including:

  • Desktops & laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Thin clients

All you need is an internet connection and a browser and the Citrix app, and you’re ready to go.

Why choose a hosted desktop solution?

For example, there’s no need to buy a server (costing over £1,000), and engineering call-outs to install and configure it (which could cost more than £1,000 on top). Instead you can be up and running with a VPS from us for £175.00 per month.

We can set you up remotely, if necessary, and logging in is a one-step process; then you’re working from your Windows desktop, wherever you are.

As long as you have an internet-connected device that can run a browser and the Citrix App.

The service includes the license costs for Windows and Office, and you can upgrade for free when newer versions come out.

We can solve every problem without any onsite/callout charges, and because you’re connected to our servers, we can quickly help you out if you have a question.

Your data is backed up to two other data centres for absolute security and peace of mind, reducing the risk of lost or damaged files to zero.

You’ll save space and costs by removing the server from your offices, and you don’t have to worry about the cost of maintenance and upgrades.

If you need more processor power, RAM or storage, it can be done within a few minutes, making your solution cost-effective and future-proof.

Hosted desktop is great for home working and office moves, and mitigates the impact of disaster recovery activities: your staff can work remotely just as if they were at their desks, accessing all their apps, including any business-specific ones they need, see Tech info below.

Typical vDeskOnline packages

These prices are based on a company that requires three hosted desktops for three users; the cost may vary depending on your business requirements and options.


VPS1 Server \ 150GB HDD \ 2coreCPU \ 4GB memory


Microsoft OfficeNo


Only BackupsNo



Local SupportNo
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VPS1 Server \ 150GB HDD \ 2coreCPU \ 4GB memory


Microsoft OfficeYes


Only BackupsYes



Local SupportNo
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VPS1 Server \ 150GB HDD \ 2coreCPU \ 4GB memory


Microsoft OfficeYes


Only BackupsYes



Local SupportYes
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* Support is included for any service related requests, but additional support can be given to the end user or company who require a little bit extra.

Tech info

  • Achieve workstation performance no matter which device you have. Or dump the desktops altogether and go with our thin clients, which boot up in ten seconds, and use less power and space than a standard PC.
  • Totally secure: the connections are made via a 256bit encryption between your local device and your hosted desktop.
  • No third-party companies involved. As vDeskOnline is our own solution, you only need to get in touch with us.
  • Runs on latest Windows Server & hosted desktops, on the latest hardware, including SSD caching for super-fast read\write speeds.
  • Requires minimum bandwidth due to Citrix WAN optimisation, meaning you only require 150kps per connection.
  • vDeskOnline works as if it was a regular desktop, and our cloud technology will incorporate all your industry-specific applications, files & any other data. For example:
    • CAD/3D design
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Sage, etc
    • Video- and audio-editing
    • Custom-developed databases and apps
    • Content management systems
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What our customers
have to say

IT-Logik are a one stop IT solution, in the same context as the councils refer to themselves as , “One stop shop.” Be it hardware, IT support as well as discussing a solution to a problem (best way to handle our expansion), they are very good and professional. They generate a ticket for all issues raised and they advise when the tickets are resolved. I do very much appreciate their speedily response to issues raised.

Edward Chamanga – Goldsmith Personnel

Chapman Workhouse is a busy, medium sized Architectural Practice based in Central London. We were looking for a company in comparable size to our own as well as being approachable and at a reasonable cost. They are quick to respond, helpful and knowledgeable and relay any information in a way that is easy to understand. The one off monthly fee is very easy to manage and gives you security that you won’t have a huge bill if you do have a few problems in one month. They have also on occasion looked into problems or given advice on things that aren’t strictly their remit which is immensely helpful. They are approachable and nice guys to boot, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Louise Miller – Chapman Workhouse

Hampson Williams Architects are a small Architectural Practice who, like most in our profession are heavily dependent on IT support. Although Architects like to think of themselves as truly ‘Vitruvian’ we realised that IT support is one area in which detailed specialist knowledge is essential. We were recommended IT Logik and would not hesitate to recommend them to others in turn. They have successfully transformed our IT environment over the years offering a very professional and efficient service whilst remaining human and approachable – which is a rare combination indeed in the world of IT. They have also provided flexibility in terms of the support they offer as the nature of our business environment has changed and we look forward to expanding our practice under the IT umbrella of this totally professional outfit.

Tristram Dodwell – Hampson Williams

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