Online Backups

Online backups

It is critically important to have a robust backup solution in place and there are a number of ways you can carry out your backups. Annoyingly, there are plenty of ways your data can get lost, corrupted or even stolen, and these situations can occur sometimes without warning. We would always recommend that a business uses an enterprise level backup service instead of a consumer base solution.

We can offer online backup services that can back up all types of files, including databases, such as Exchange and SQL. This includes many operating systems like Windows, MAC and Linux. There’s no limit to the amount of data you can back up too, as long as you have an internet connection.

Online backup packages

Prices vary on the number of devices, backup storage required, and device type.


Backup LicenseBasic

Minimum Quota25GB


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Backup LicenseStandard

Minimum Quota50GB


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Backup LicenseAdvance

Minimum Quota100GB+


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Online vs local backups

What are the differences between the 2 and which is the better choice?

Online Backup Local Backup
Cost effectiveness Good – online backup used to be very expensive but now you can get affordable rates for backing up large volume of data with an on-going monthly contract Good – although it is very expensive at first with the initially outlay for the backup system, media and software you won’t need to spend an on-going monthly costs
Data limit Good – there is no limit to online backup, but the more you backup
online the more it will cost for the online storage space
Bad – once you have bought your backup device and media you are restricted to that capacity. Unless you are prepared to run the backup jobs over multiple tapes
Manual intervention Very good – you only setup the software once and that is it. You data will run as per the schedule without the need of having to change backup tapes or media Bad – not only do you have configure the local backup software you also have to rotate the backup media as well as consider storing this media offsite
Data security Very good – All the online backups are stored offsite within 2 separate dedicated tier-3 datacentres. With End-to-End AES encryption to prevent any unauthorised access Bad – the backup is conducted locally and usually the backup media is kept onsite. Even offsite backup requires transit
Data recovery Very good – simply run the software and select restore and the file will simply download to the chosen location Good – you need to locate the correct media and sometimes the media is not always available if stored offsite and then you can restore the data

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