Exciting starting a new business!

There are so many areas to consider when starting a new business, and making sure you have the best IT infrastructure solution at the very beginning should be on the priority list. Furthermore, getting your IT sorted correctly in the first place significantly reduces the risk of running into unexpected costs for your IT infrastructure.

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How would we help you get started?

  • Scope your business and discuss your small business IT requirements, including any necessary consultations and documents
  • Provide a project plan laying out how we intend to deliver your systems
  • Spec and supply quotes for all hardware, software, virtual desktop, hosted services, hardware and installation cost
  • Provide cable management and comms room (or cabinet) and installation
  • Supply telecoms and internet services, including any domain name registrations
  • Supply, install and fully configure every piece of IT equipment
  • Install and set up all user devices, such as desktops, virtual desktops, laptops, mobile devices and peripherals
  • Provide any training that is required on the IT and telecoms systems
  • Offer ongoing service via a customised support contract
  • Manage the whole project from start to finish

Here is a short list to help get you started

  • Best to check availability of the domain whilst registering your company name
  • Emails is a must so you can start communicating in writing
  • Look for a provider to host your website or a web designer
  • Found an office? Connectivity should come next
  • What kind of hardware and software will work best for your business?
  • Do you need a server or should you move with the times and consider cloud services?
  • Other hosted & cloud services that may benefit your business and help reduce the initial outlay
  • Backups and security are a must, regardless of how big or small you start
Download our checklist

What Our Customers
Have To Say

IT-Logik are a one stop IT solution, in the same context as the councils refer to themselves as , “One stop shop.” Be it hardware, IT support as well as discussing a solution to a problem (best way to handle our expansion), they are very good and professional. They generate a ticket for all issues raised and they advise when the tickets are resolved. I do very much appreciate their speedily response to issues raised.

Edward Chamanga – Goldsmith Personnel

Chapman Workhouse is a busy, medium sized Architectural Practice based in Central London. We were looking for a company in comparable size to our own as well as being approachable and at a reasonable cost. They are quick to respond, helpful and knowledgeable and relay any information in a way that is easy to understand. The one off monthly fee is very easy to manage and gives you security that you won’t have a huge bill if you do have a few problems in one month. They have also on occasion looked into problems or given advice on things that aren’t strictly their remit which is immensely helpful. They are approachable and nice guys to boot, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Louise Miller – Chapman Workhouse

Hampson Williams Architects are a small Architectural Practice who, like most in our profession are heavily dependent on IT support. Although Architects like to think of themselves as truly ‘Vitruvian’ we realised that IT support is one area in which detailed specialist knowledge is essential. We were recommended IT Logik and would not hesitate to recommend them to others in turn. They have successfully transformed our IT environment over the years offering a very professional and efficient service whilst remaining human and approachable – which is a rare combination indeed in the world of IT. They have also provided flexibility in terms of the support they offer as the nature of our business environment has changed and we look forward to expanding our practice under the IT umbrella of this totally professional outfit.

Tristram Dodwell – Hampson Williams

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