Troubleshooting vDeskOnline Connection Issues


Use this guide to assist with some common vDeskOnline connection issues.




• An internet connection
•Latest version of Citrix Workspace
• Your vDeskOnline details

vDeskOnline requires a 100% stable, constant connection to the internet, as it works very differently to general internet browsing and streaming. Roughly 99% of all connection issues to vDeskOnline are usually caused by one of the following:

  • Problem with device being used to connect to vDeskOnline
  • Problem with the local network
  • Problem with the WiFi connection
  • Problem with the Internet connection

Simply rebooting the equipment will help resolve most problems!

Steps for Rebooting Equipment

Always reboot your device first, whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet etc.

  • Then try and connect again.

Are you connecting using a wireless connection?

  • Try disabling your wireless on the device and use a cable to connect instead.

Is everyone on the network having the same problem?

  • Reboot the router that is connected to the Internet and try again.

Are you the only person using this router?

  • Reboot the router that is connected to the Internet and try again.

Other Common Issues

vDeskOnline session keeps dropping

  • Follow the above steps for rebooting your equipment

vDeskOnline is running slow, when typing and general use of the virtual desktop

  • This is due to poor internet speeds and rebooting the router may help.
  • Someone or another device on your network is maxing out the Internet connection.
  • Someone is uploading/downloading a large number of files.
  • There is a problem with the Internet speeds and you may have to raise this with your Internet Service Provider to run a line check